About us

Who we are?

Perika Technologies is an accredited global staffing agency which offers IT staffing and consulting services to our trusted clients who seek employees within the technology industry by outsourcing IT personnel with great talent. Additionally, our organization offers intensive training and coaching to certify eligible students in Agile best practices and values.

Our founder and CEO, Kia has a unique story of becoming Agile and looks to payback through these avenues. Our uniqueness comes from being a multifaceted, one-stop-shop for all staffing and educational needs within the tech industry.

We started this company to empower individuals that think the Information Technology field is difficult and impossible to penetrate, thus, by educating, mentoring and coaching them through their career, they gain confidence and are encouraged to pay it forward.

What we do

We calibrate our approach to our clients’ priorities in order to deliver immediate value, and adapt to their culture and resources, considering the latest technologies and best practices available. Our corporate experience, intellectual property and ability to execute is unrivalled. We pragmatically apply experience gained in one sector to others; providing knowledge that delivers results.

From cost-efficiency exercises, to the most complex product launch, or corporate transformation, Perika Technologies closes the gap between strategy and execution, so that our clients can widen their lead against their competition.

Our customers enjoy the flexibility and responsiveness of a small company, while receiving the highest level of technical and management competence. Our Team has established a reputation in the high-technology industry as creative providers of technical support services by consistently delivering on our commitments and making customer satisfaction, our priority.


Our goal is to provide the finest professional services and products to our clients by attracting and retaining the industry’s most qualified personnel motivated by a positive corporate environment.

We look forward to outsourcing for multiple industries, not just the technology industry, and becoming an accredited certification body, that services multiple industries worldwide.

What makes us unique

Agility: Perika Technologies has the depth to handle the needs of large corporate accounts, yet we strive to maintain the flexibility and responsiveness our clients have come to expect. Our recruiters are all scrum masters, so we easily distinguish real candidates from fake ones and give the best to our clients.

Speed: Our extensive database and a vast recruiting network allow us to fill your technical positions more quickly.

Precision: Our seasoned recruiters specialize in selected IT disciplines, enabling us to develop a rich pipeline of qualified candidates with the precise skill sets you are seeking.

Relationship Focus: At Perika Technologies we value personal relationships. It’s the only way to truly meet the needs of our clients and associates. Our client relationships are rooted in our ability to deliver the best quality services at a competitive value.

Our Motto

‘Be Agile Now’